Reliable HVAC Repair in Mobile, AL

T. Batchelor and Son Inc. has a long history doing quality work in the HVAC industry. While our trained technicians continue to expand their repertoire, HVAC repair is our specialty. With 24/7 contact and quick turnaround time, we are the preferred HVAC company for homes and businesses alike. With our experience, we can install and repair any type of system.

Timely, Reliable Repairs

Our staff possesses both the commitment and experience to match the reputation we've long cultivated, which includes numerous certifications and training programs. If a system makes strange noises, doesn't heat or cool air properly, or leaks water, then the heating or AC unit needs to be repaired. Our team will be over soon to identify the problem, whether it is the cooling ducts, clogged filters, electronic falterings or more, the repairs will be done quickly yet completely. Don't put off HVAC repair and stay comfortable in your home.

A Range of Installation Services

Of course, we run into quite a few older systems that can only reach a certain level of efficiency, and HVAC repair might not be the best option. We offer free consultations to explore upgrades. The savings on the energy bill will soon pay for the new system. In addition, newer heating and cooling systems pump out higher quality air which is important for anyone with allergy problems, get to the desired temperature faster, and will be chosen with every individual's needs in mind. This includes possible package units, heat pumps, and duct-free systems.

Commercial Services & More

T. Batchelor and Son Inc. has the knowledge and high-powered products to work with big organizations and businesses, such as hospitals, schools, and shops. Our larger systems can cool or heat expansive areas without breaking the bank. We also install advanced thermostats and air cleaners to automate control for the owner. Specialty businesses that need commercial refrigeration should look to us too. We understand that when a system breaks down, products could spoil or customers could flee, which is why our staff offers quick repair services, as well as preventative measures to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Contact us today to get your HVAC system working at peak efficiency, upgrade a system beyond repair, or install a specialty system to meet any unique needs.