Expert Commercial HVAC Repair in Mobile, AL

Your heating, air, and ventilation systems represent a significant investment. Regular HVAC service and maintenance helps you manage operating costs. T. Batchelor and Son Inc. understands the need for quality preventative maintenance, as well as a swift response to commercial HVAC repair needs.

Commercial HVAC Repair

When your system breaks down, it not only leaves your building too warm in summer or cold in winter but also it can cost you business when uncomfortable customers decide to shop elsewhere. T. Batchelor and Son Inc. responds quickly to commercial repair calls, assessing the problem and executing the repairs as efficiently as possible. Our resources include sheet metal fabrication. We are available 24/7, ready to respond to urgent needs at a moment's notice.

Commercial HVAC Installation

Whether it's time to replace an older unit, or you're ready to upgrade your HVAC equipment, T. Batchelor and Son Inc. is on hand to advise you and install your new equipment. While residential heating and cooling systems are fairly straightforward, commercial applications require a broader knowledge of specific applications. T. Batchelor and Son Inc. offers rooftop units, split systems, boilers and chillers, VAV systems, temp control systems, exhaust and supply fans, and air units. We handle specialty applications like clean rooms as well.

Commercial Refrigeration

There's more to your equipment than heating and cooling your buildings. Efficient refrigeration is critical to many businesses, especially restaurants and retail grocery establishments. T. Batchelor and Son Inc. handles the installation, maintenance, and repair of commercial refrigeration units, including walk-ins, reach-ins, ice machines, refrigerators, freezers, and display cases.

Preventative Maintenance

There are steps that can be taken to keep your equipment running smoothly and to reduce operating costs. Maintenance tasks depend on the equipment you have installed. Combined heat pumps and VRF systems may have more complex components requiring expert attention. Some basic maintenance includes filter replacement, checking the condition of belts and pulleys, cleaning condenser and evaporator coils, cleaning drain lines and pans, lubricating moving parts, and checking for appropriate air flow. T. Batchelor and Son Inc. offers comprehensive service plans to keep your equipment in top shape.

Additional Commercial Services

T. Batchelor and Son Inc. is your go-to commercial HVAC service company and indoor air quality experts. We not only offer basic maintenance, repair, service, and installation. We go beyond the basics with services like duct sealing and cleaning, metal fabrication, and commercial refrigeration service and repair. Contact us today to discuss your maintenance and service needs.